Remodeling Bathroom Sinks and Tubs Without the Big Money

Bathroom remodeling can be a daunting task. After all, who wants to tackle the trouble of redesigning an entire room just to get access to the tub or shower? Thankfully, there are ways to make changes more accessible without cluttering the space. Vanities, walk in showers, and accessible tub and shower designs can make bathroom remodeling easier by providing more space in accessible areas. Here are some tips on improving accessibility with bathroom remodeling projects.

Accessible Shower Enclosures. Installing an accessible shower enclosure in your bathroom renovation means that you’ll have more space to get in and out. Instead of installing a regular shower cubicle, install a walk in shower stall instead. It saves space and accommodates a wheelchair or a mobility scooter without the stall taking up too much room or sacrificing floor space.

Wall-mounted Vanities. Bathroom vanities offer more storage space than a wall-mounted vanity unit, but they’re still quite small. A large vanity unit takes up most of the bathroom counter, so adding one at the end of the vanity cabinet gives you plenty of space for storage while still giving you easy access to your shower and tub. In addition to having plenty of storage, wall-mounted vanities allow you to move your furniture out of the way when not in use.

Non-Movable Vanities. Contractors often choose non-movable, modular interior vanity units for bathroom remodeling projects because they require less remodeling and do not require any removal of counters or walls. Non-movable units come pre-assembled and are usually shipped to the construction site, so you don’t have to worry about them once the project is underway. You can either select modular options or choose a classic look for your project.

Shower Cabinets. Shower cabinets offer the best combination of all of the benefits of both vanities and bathroom cabinets: They offer plenty of storage space, they keep your things out of sight, and they let you take a shower without worrying about the shelf’s height or whether you need to bend over to get out of the shower. Many contemporary shower cabinets fit snugly into a corner, so that you won’t even know the units are there until you want to use them. There are even some that slide into the ground to give you better access to the shower and tub.

Shower Enclosures. The best bathroom remodeling company in San Diego working on a remodeling bathroom sinks-and-tub project often find themselves needing to make some floor plan changes. Sometimes this means moving a sink or two, or making sure that the floor around the area where the tub or shower sits has enough room to accommodate the new fixtures. When it comes to remodeling bathroom sinks and tubs, be careful not to move things too far away from where they’ll be installed. You also want to think about installing the surround piping as close to the edge as possible, in order to reduce water loss through the pipe joints. Some things that you might want to consider moving around are your toilet, and possibly your garbage disposal.